Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dad’s Got a Brand New House

Since I had no plans for the 4th here in Huntsville, I decided to go to Nashville, TN, to visit my Dad. My Dad’s fiancĂ© Mel and her two kids (Robyn & Zak) moved to Nashville from Lakeville, MN, last week. They bought a brand new house. Since I haven’t been to the new house before, I called Dad and got directions, gave Pepper extra food, and I was off. In my estimation the trip to their new house should have taken 1.5 hours to drive, but it ended up being a 3.5 hour drive (including getting lost). He told me that one of the exits was marked with the street name, but it only had the county road numbers. So I got all turned around and it didn’t help that I thought they lived in a different city than what they actually do.

Once I got there, Dad and Zak gave me a quick tour of the house, and the 3 of us got in my car and headed to my Dad’s house. At his house we packed up pots & pans, can and box food, and kitchen/bathroom supplies. My Dad also feed the ferrets and the both of them took a shower. The water heater in the new house is broken, so they have been all going to Dad’s house to take showers. I was brave and took a cold shower on Sunday at their new house and it really want to bad.

We didn’t know where the city was shooting off fireworks so we sat on their deck and watched the neighborhood fireworks. There was one neighbor that had what seemed to be professional quality fireworks – or at least the most expensive ameture ones- and their show lasted for at least 45 minutes. We were out on the deck watching the various shows for about 3 hours.

The rest of the weekend was just helping Mel unpack the kitchen while Dad installed 3 ceiling fans. I got a bonus from all the ceiling fans going up. The question of the day was, What are we going to do with the lights the fans replaced? I gladly offered to take them since they were the style I like and the type of metal I’m trying to convert my house over to. We also did some gardening and grocery shopping.

My trip to Nashville ended on Sunday with a beautiful drive through the mountains taking the scenic highway 231. Unlike MN and WI, when you go through small towns in TN you only have to drop your speed down to 40 and the rest of the trip was mainly traveled at 65 (except for the curvy parts). It took a little extra time, but I saved on gas and it is a straight shot south to Huntsville.

It turned out to be a good weekend. I hope everyone’s was good also.