Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Morgan’s 1st Birthday

On Friday, I ended an exhausting week at both of my jobs with a drive to Minnesota/Wisconsin for Morgan’s 1st Birthday Party. I was glad that my Dad was joining me for the drive so that I could take a nap on the way. The stress of driving from Alabama to Minnesota was definitely worth it to see Morgan have so much fun with all her new stuff. That girl is growing so fast I wish I could come back once a month to watch her grow.

Morgan had a great 1st birthday party. Her 3 cousins, Anthony, Zach & Whittney came and made the party fun. I had the honors of getting her ready for the party. Getting 2 onesies, tights, a tight fitting dress, and shoes on a 1-year-old is not as easy as it sounds (for a girl out of practice.) :) Watching her eat her piece of cake was very uneventful. She had more fun mushing the cake in her hands and then eating bits of cake off of them. Once the cake was just a gray mush, she then smeared it all over her face. No cake in her hair, diaper or on the floor.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Morgan before, during and after the party.

Chewing on her favorite keys

Hanging out with Grandpa Hayden

Checking out all the fabulous gifts from Auntie Katie

Walking around with her new baby

Not too happy to be wearing Mommy's witch headband