Monday, August 4, 2008

Where did the Weekend go?

I know everyone has had a weekend where it went by so quickly you said to yourself “Where did the weekend go?” I had so many plans for this past weekend: mowing the front yard, spraying Round Up on the back yard, grocery shopping, taking advantage of Alabama’s state tax holiday and buying some new shoes and pants, get the oil changed in the Equinox, and on top of all of that go to Nashville to gather some of my Dad’s stuff to bring back to store at my house. I only got 3 things done – spraying Round Up, getting the oil changed, and going to Nashville. Going to Nashville usually wipes me out lately. It isn’t the drive, it’s the constant movement at Dad’s house that tires me out. No one stops and just sits. Now I need to take the afternoon off tomorrow to get at least the grocery shopping done. I already was taking time off to get my hair cut, now I’ll just take the whole afternoon off. I probably won’t go shoes and pants shopping. The Alabama state tax holiday has come and gone and now everything is fully taxed again until next August.

Here is the big plan for my back yard makeover

Since my back yard is so over grown with Sassafras tree seedlings, over-grown bushes and crab grass, I thought the best way to get rid of it all is to spray Round Up on the trees and bushes. Hopefully everything will die so that I can cut it down and start over. I also bought some liquid aerator called Aerify Plus to help break up the heavy clay in my yard. Once I get the dirt in pretty good shape, then I can plant some manageable bushes like azaleas or peonies and some grass.

I also sprayed in the front garden along the house. It is totally over taken by weeds almost as tall as I am. There is one nandina bush that is supposed to be a cute little 1-1.5 feet tall bush, but now it is a 5.5-6 foot tall bush. That bush is going, but I have a new nandina bush waiting in the other garden that is tiny right now and should be perfect to transplant next spring.

Hopefully the Round Up will have worked and I will have pictures tomorrow. I will have periodic updates on the gardening. I hope with my backyard makeover I can create a spot for a vegetable garden.