Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Six Flags Over Georgia

At work last Wednesday, I was given the opportunity to go to Six Flags Over Georgia, in Atlanta, GA, and be a second chaperone for a group of 23 NASA high school interns. I had about 15 minutes to decide whether or not I wanted to go because the chaperone needed to purchase my ticket or find someone else to go with her. I thought about it and decided that since I have never been to a Six Flags before it would be a good opportunity to experience one. Since Six Flags is in Atlanta, it is about a 3.5 hours drive from Huntsville. We left Huntsville around 5:30 am and, with the time change and gas station stop, got to Six Flags at about 10:15am. I was happy to hear that the other chaperone didn’t want to go on any of the big roller coasters, so I walked around with her all day.

Here are my comparisons:

  • Valley Fair has better roller coasters, but Six Flags has well know ones such as Superman & Batman
  • They both have a train that gives a nice tour of the park
  • They both have the same water rides
  • Water park is not part of the ticket at Six Flags
  • Six Flags has a ride called “Monster Plantation” that is a water ride (very fun ride when your feet are tired). Technically it is a kids ride (animated monsters in a haunted plantation), it was relaxing.
  • Some of the rides have air conditioning while you wait in line at Six Flags
  • Food was ok at Six Flags, but I think you are paying for the name brands – Papa John’s, Cold Stone Creamery, Starburst, etc.
  • Valley Fair is definitely bigger than Six Flags!

We ended up leaving at around 9:00 pm. We got back to Huntsville around 12:30 pm.

Six Flags Over Georgia, not as good as Valley Fair!


Corinne, Kris, Jack & Colin said...

I laughed when you described Monster Plantation as "animated monsters in a haunted plantation, it was relaxing." Relaxing?! You are weird. I'd probably be terrified of that 'relaxing' kids ride. I'm such a wuss. glad to hear valley fair still has it going on.

Liz Y. said...

VALLEYFAIR is SOOOO much better!

Lucas said...

Wow! Valley Fair is BETTER than 6 Flags? I've never been to Valley Fair and have always wanted to go. Maybe I'll have to do that one of these days! :)