Monday, August 11, 2008

Lazy Weekend

It’s a rare occasion here in August that it temperature is below 90 and there is a cool breeze. That was the wonderful weather I have been experiencing since Friday and is suppose to continue through today. I turned off the A/C and opened up all the windows and let the cool breeze run through the house. The nice weather made me kind of lazy and all I did was sit on the couch and watch the 2 movies I rented (Serial Mom and The Heartbreak Kid) and the Olympics. I can officially say that I am addicted to the Olympics. I didn’t really care what sport I was watching I just watched it. Since I don’t have cable, I am stuck watching just NBC. I got to watch men’s water polo, men’s & women’s beach volleyball, gymnastics, cycling, and swimming. Last night I had had pry myself away from the Russian woman’s gymnastics team at 10:00pm to go to bed.

Yard/Garden Update

Wednesday I got the Aerify Plus in the mail, so yesterday I manage to get off the couch and spray the front yard and flower beds. The solution is all natural so I didn’t have to worry about the spray drifting because it won’t harm anything. I was surprised by the color, very dark brown almost black. I guess since it has molasses in it that’s why it’s so dark. It must be sweet because the hornets really liked it and were flying around while I was spraying the yard. It was very nerve racking. It will take a couple of month to notice any improvement in the quality of dirt in my yard. I have to spray the yard again next weekend, then once every 3 weeks.

The Round Up sort of worked. It at least killed the weed grass, ragweed and half of the sassafras trees. It didn’t kill, but did wound, the ivy, wild trumpet vine and unknown bushes in the back yard. It didn’t touch the nandina bush or the other vine that likes to crawl underneath my siding. I guess I will have to go get some more and concentrate more on those stubborn plants.

Side of the garage dead weed grass
Wider view of weeds on side of the garage

Dead weeds around the HVAC (heating & A/C) system

Nandina bush with dead wagweed in front Front of the house on the left side - mostly dead except for the crawling vine
Another view of the left side of the front - bush on the far left won't die!

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Corinne, Kris, Jack & Colin said...

I think you'll have to give it some old fashioned elbow grease. I'm tackleing the tree we fell last fall... it keeps trying to come alive again!! Katie, I've got baby trees, hundreds of them, sprouting all over my yard, not just around the stump. Guess what we did... we pulled out the rotted middle, poured charcol bricks in there and lit the darn thing on fire! TWICE! I think this second time might have done it, but we're planning to do another burn this weekend. Kris even went through to pull the 'babies' and while we were burning the stump we threw in the babies as a sacrifice. Kris swears it freaked the stump out so badily it's afraid to sprout any more babies. :) sick huh. But I'm enjoying trying to kill this thing. It's literally a fight to the death. Except i'm going to win. :) (enter evil laugh here)